The internet has become something like spine in modern society. 4,5 billion people around the world are connected to it and most of us can hardly imagine our daily life without internet. We use it to great effect in both work and personal life. Internet has become indispensable, especially nowadays, when we are hardly allowed to go outside because of Covid-19.

A lot of internet users has already came across terms deep web and dark web. Sadly, there are a lot of prejudices and misconceptions about them. When you ask someone if they know what deep web and/or dark web is, they'll most likely say it's a secret part of internet that "they" don't want you to know about, and that it is just a house of thiefs, fraudsters and all other criminal elements. While this is based on true facts, you'll discover it's far more complex than that.

The internet, just like onions and ogres, has layers. Specifically, it has 3 layers - the shallowest is the surface web, and under it is deep web and dark web (or darknet). But what does each layer contain and how can we access it? You will find the answer on this webpage. I hope it will help you understand how this concept works and clear all your possible misconceptions.

This page was created by Jan Havlíček in January 2021 as a final project from subject 2SE307 (FMV, VŠE Praha) 
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